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Room Spray

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2 fl. oz.

Travel-friendly and perfect for creating a relaxing environment at home or away, these room sprays can be used on linens, furniture, apparel and more.

Ingredients Mt. Shasta spring water and phtalate-free premium fragrance oil (body safe)

Golden Coast

Inspired by California's wild coastline; notes of sea salt air and redwood make up the base of this fragrance, with white lavender revealed on the burn.  This fragrance is infused with essential oils and resins of sage, fir, eucalyptus, lime, and palo santo.

Sandalwood Rose

The PF Candle Co Team has been developing the perfect rose scent for years, and it's finally here. "Sandalwood Rose is our almost indescribable take on the sultry florals we love so much, with just enough edge to keep it unisex. The grit of New York nights meets the botanical calm of a Los Angeles afternoon." Soft rose, earthy sandalwood, and mysterious oud create a magnetic depth, making this scent your new favorite.


P.F. Candle Co. is a small batch candle company based in Los Angeles, run by wife and husband team Kristen Pumphrey & Thomas Neuberger.      

Pommes Frites was founded by Kristen in Austin, TX in 2008. While Tom was always happy to help behind the scenes, he came on board officially in 2013. Kristen brings over 15 years of candle making experience to the table, having poured her first candle at the age of 12. 

Room Spray

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