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Handcrafted Sea Salt

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If you've never tried a lemon-salt combination, you're in for a treat. Our Lemon Flake Sea Salt combines fresh, delightfully sour lemon, with an all-natural sea salt, to create a taste that will leave your taste buds very happy. This salt is a must-have for bartenders, seafood lovers and those who love to bake.

Suggestions: Use it to salt the rim of your margarita, enhance Asian dishes, or sprinkle over chicken and fish after baking or grilling. Try it on a fruity dessert or pastry for a special treat.

Insider Tip: Use in place of lemon juice to prevent your apples or guacamole from browning!

Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt, Lemon



Home of Mt. Everest, the Himalayan Mountains are an ancient, mysterious location which happens to produce some wonderful salt. Our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is 100% natural, and at 200 million years after crystallization, it is completely free of modern pollutants and impurities. It's unprocessed and filled with minerals and nutrients that give it a naturally mouth-watering flavor. 

Suggestions: A beautiful salt for salads and roasted vegetables. Striking as a finishing salt on grilled fish. A must try on white chocolate covered strawberries. 

Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt

Handcrafted Sea Salt

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