EOS Chocolates

Granola Bars

$ 5.00


Dairy Free // Refined Sugar Free // Soy Free // Hand Made

1 x Chocolate, 1 x Apple

1.5 oz each


Dried Apples*, CA Honey, Rolled Oats*, CA Almonds, Coconut Sugar*, Sunflower Seeds*, Hemp Seeds*, Coconut Oil *, Flaxseed Meal*, Chia Seeds*, Vanilla*, Himalayan Salt

About the Maker

Catherine von Ruden’s creative journey began 6 years ago with the realization that she could contribute to overall healthy diets by making treats using less sugar. For all who want to enjoy sweetness on a daily basis, she offers products that are healthier and rich in flavor.

Having grown up in Switzerland with a love for all things natural, and also with a passion for creating desserts and treats, she turned to her roots and started working with chocolate as well as almonds grown on the family’s farm in California.

Granola Bars

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