We got this Los Angeles! Stay safe at home and cheer on our local suppliers. Together, we'll rise up. We got this Los Angeles! Stay safe at home and cheer on our local suppliers. Together, we'll rise up.

Member-Owner Benefits

Free Shipping + Up to 25% off bulk items

Member-owners get up front benefits by having access to bulk pricing. Buying together as a cooperative allows us to purchase products on wholesale terms. We take advantage of this and profit enough to cover our operational expenses. #StrongerTogether What does it really mean to be a member-owner? Along with member exclusives and perks, below are other legit benefits of being a member-owner. (And like any boss, it comes with a number of awesome responsibilities.)

Receive Annual Dividend

This corporation currently has only one class of membership. Generally, when the co-op has a surplus (a.k.a. profit) left over at the end of the fiscal year we will distribute owners’ share of the surplus back to you. And as a non-stock corporation, the annual dividend that you will receive will come in the form of a patronage refund on eligible purchases. Patronage is defined as refund issued to those who purchase goods or services from a cooperative, and is calculated based upon the amount that each patron spends at the cooperative in a given taxable year. (Typically 10% of your net purchases, excluding discounted bulk items.) Purchases from this co-op are related to “personal, living or family items”  and therefore not required to be included in your gross income. Article IX of our Bylaws will have more details.

Help Make Business Decisions

Let your voice be heard and help us build the business and make it better. There's nothing more exciting than knowing that you are actually part of something meaningful and of what could be something really awesome. Learn more about your voting rights, membership meetings and how you can take on a board member role.  Check out Article IV of our Bylaws for details.

Support the Community

We exist with the primary purpose of supporting local sustainability.  We hope to influence and steer local supply chains that, almost like an undercurrent, will have economic, environment and social systemic impact.  The founding members believe that we can support local environmental issues through a strengthened local supply chain, along the way, hitting on every local issue that we care most about - from food and homelessness to education and jobs. Learn more about our social initiatives planning and how you can help shape our future projects.