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Hand Dyed Hemp/Organic Cotton Canvas Full Apron

$ 89.00

Made from a medium weight 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton Canvas, our apron is environmentally friendly , anti-microbial, and ergonomically designed.  Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemical herbicides and pesticides that would otherwise create run-off and contaminate the water supply for our oceans, our drinking water and our food. Organically grown cotton combined with the anti-microbial, sustainable, and fortifying properties of hemp create a health conscious and extremely durable apron.  In addition, by committing to only using a dual cross-back strap design, our apron keeps your shoulders back and your back straight to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout your work day, night or anytime in between. 

 - Ergonomic Cross-Back Design

- Color Accented Bartack Reinforced Structural Connections at Straps and Corners

- 3 Pockets  (1 Sharpie, 2 large multi-purpose).

- 3/8" Brass Grommets for Ease of Securement and Removal.

- Certified Sustainable Biodegradable Fabric

All products are handcrafted in Los Angeles using the finest natural fibers and traditional artisanal skills. The subtle variations in color, texture, and finish are normal and to be expected by a handmade product. We use both vegetal and commercial low impact dyes with the goal of minimizing our impact on the environment while striving for the best color properties.

Hand Dyed Hemp/Organic Cotton Canvas Full Apron

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