We got this Los Angeles! Stay safe at home and cheer on our local suppliers. Together, we'll rise up. We got this Los Angeles! Stay safe at home and cheer on our local suppliers. Together, we'll rise up.
Small Batch is Best.

Small Batch is Best.


Why we want to stand out and how we're doing it.

Flashback to 2003. Doing what one typically does in their 20’s, I lived with a bunch of dudes near the beach and shopping pretty much meant hitting up the grocery and drug stores. As time went on and I got older, I started getting little habits and routines of how I would buy things. Visits to favorite shops every few months. Orders from some preferred online retailers. Or maybe even for a period of time, a Costco or Sam’s Club visit once a month was necessary. Sometimes, you just need to know you have 2 lbs of almonds at your disposal, right? Either way, I created these ceremonies, and as much as I have them, you have them too. Once a month you may go to Trader Joe's and fill a basket with snacks. Maybe every couple of weeks you visit your local farmers market for some fresh fruits and veggies. Trust us, we totally do the same thing. And it’s nice to look forward to those almost-ceremonial tasks right?

We want your shopping experience to feel like a ceremony.

Every order from Craft, Main & Co. should be something you look forward to. We want you to be confident that everything you are ordering is made locally, in small batches – made to order with the finest ingredients. We also want to be able to show you more products that may take longer to handcraft, or are best when made fresh.

Thus, we are excited to offer you a new way to shop local, a different way to shop online.

Craft, Main, & Co. will now take orders until the 10th of each month and ship them out locally on the 15th. (Gift items excluded.)

This allows us to do several things that make your product experience better:  

  1. Get special access to a lot of new products, small businesses, makers, and manufacturers.
  2. Shop customized and one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces made in L.A. 
  3. Ensure high-quality of small batch items that are made fresh to order for you.

As co-founder and co-creator of barrio.la – a company that finds the best products made in L.A., and explores the local, indy food and retail scene – I’m pretty lucky to get access to some amazing products made in Los Angeles, by local people. We’re even luckier to have connected with Craft, Main, & Co. to start a cooperative that is the first of its kind online – dedicated to Los Angeles companies owned by Angelenos. It’s the perfect local business model and we appreciate your support of it.

We are excited for you to get access to the freshest and coolest locally-made gifts and home products. 


Rick Kanter, Co-Founding Director of Craft, Main & Co.