We got this Los Angeles! Stay safe at home and cheer on our local suppliers. Together, we'll rise up. We got this Los Angeles! Stay safe at home and cheer on our local suppliers. Together, we'll rise up.

Community update + How to access local products during this pandemic


We know that this is an unusual time for us all.  We had planned to have only one update for you about the co-op. But now it seems we have two. First, as of December 2019, the co-op has officially shut down. As the year began, we were planning to announce that we have closed the co-op for business, as we have not been able to dedicate the time that it deserved. 

And then the world turned upside down. 

So an update to that update: Starting this week, our website will be back online to connect you to the local makers that are still open for business online. This is how it works:

  1. Browse the website for all locally-made products, a lot of them are home essentials, anything from peanut butter, preserved jams and fruits, pastas and soaps.
  2. Buy Button will direct you straight to each individual online store. All transactions will take place directly within the their websites

We are in constant communication with each of the makers who will send us updates on product availabilities, deals and other important updates.  

We have decided to re-open the website to continue connecting our community. We believe in the power of our group and our drive to support our local maker and business owner friends. There is no better time for us to stand up and rise together. 

We will try to update this listing as we add more products over the next few days. If you know of any other local product or brand from your neighborhood or farmer’s market, send them our way so we can list them here. Send us an email at jl@craftmainandco.com.

We care for your health and safety. Please stay home when you can and support our own. Throughout the next few weeks, we will try to send out more helpful information so we can navigate this together. Stay tuned!