It's good to belong.

Want to shop more local brands, but don't know where to start?

Love shopping online, but want to support the small players?

Looking for better ways to shop online responsibly?

Support local brands and SAVE on high-quality goods.



1. Because it has never been about the profit for us. It is about the community that we build and the strength that this business will have if we do this together.  
2. Because we believe that this local maker economy will thrive better and will be better sustained in the hands of the local consumers. We believe that your vision as a local Angeleno is aligned with the makers' vision for our community, and that makes for a perfect partnership.


1. Local Opportunities. Because they are becoming an important source of employment and other opportunities that keep the cash flow local. Your purchases are twice as efficient in keeping the local economy alive. Our local vendors buy local themselves, employ community members, and play essential roles in local causes and civic endeavors.
2. Fresh Products. Because they use mainly locally-sourced materials and ingredients to make their products.
3. Sustainability. Because 100% guaranteed that your products did not travel more than 50 miles from you, ergo there is less environmental impact from transporting goods.  


1. The local makers are in unique market situation. As much as we are local, most of the local makers cannot afford to be in multiple locations or grocery retailers. Yes, some of them could be in your own local farmers' market, but you don't have to miss out on a host of other amazing products available in other farmers' market locations!
2. Because it is still not easy to find all the local products in one place, we just think that sometimes, really, the best way to shop local is online!

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